precooling via evaporative cycle to condenser

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precooling via evaporative cycle to condenser

Post by 987654321 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:41 pm

I have been perfecting a well know method ( evaporative cooling of the intake air to the condenser) of reducing the energy needed to power home air conditioners ( this method has been used by commercial air conditioning for decades. See this -
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In actual test data we boost cooling by 30 % and reduce the energy needed by 25%

When you combine these 2 items the results are shocking

A typical 10.7 EER window unit will now dewliver an EER of 15 to 16

Using the formula for sensible cooling CFM x 1.08 X delta T F / watts we really do get into the 15 to 16 EER range at 90 F outside air temp

California has wasted 2 decades farting around with this idea for home use .

A simple throw away coolig pad once a year is all that is needed to keep a simple precooling operating.

I have been testing for 3 years in the hellish Tucson 110F summer with great results

Has anyone else tested retrofitted precoolers

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