True Mfg. TS-49 commercial refrigerator charge

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True Mfg. TS-49 commercial refrigerator charge

Postby toddtech » Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:51 pm

I am working on a church refrigerator which has had a low charge in the past and been recharged. This fridge seems a bit low now as it gets iced up on the evaporator coils if you have a high food load in the fridge. When minimally loaded with food, the Interior temperature of the air is 32' which seems low and a low side pressure of about 7 psi on an R134a refrigerant. It would seem that you would want more like 38' air circulating around the fridge. I also noted a suction line temperature on the pipe surface of 65' right where the pipe exits the refrigerator box and then is about 5 feet of pipe coil back to the compressor from that point and seems high. Can anyone tell me more precisely what the low gauge pressure and interior air temps I should to be seeing for this unit? Room temp is about 70' thanks
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