The Dehumidifier and Underground Garage are Good Friends

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The Dehumidifier and Underground Garage are Good Friends

Post by Cassieyu » Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:48 am

In the underground garage of many residential, office buildings, shopping malls, as well as enterprises, the damp problems often happen; especially under the influence of the rainy weather or rainy season, the relative humidity of underground garage often will reach more than 80% RH.
in this case, it is necessary to use the dehumidifier with corresponding dehumidifying capacity to control the environment humidity of underground garage below 60% RH.
The floors, walls, ceiling, and all kinds of pipelines in the underground garage are easy to mold; which can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and loss to vehicle performance and walking people.
You can prepare a dehumidifier for your car and - *

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