The Relationship of Humidity and Power Equipment

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The Relationship of Humidity and Power Equipment

Post by Cassieyu » Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:17 am

The power plant should prepare desiccant wheel dehumidifier for safety's -
1, humidity and metal - the damp air will make conducting metal, magnetic silicon steel sheet and the metal casing in the power equipment rust, Which will reduce the performance and service life of equipment, and even cause electrical failure.
2, the influence of the over high - due to the internal loss equipment has a certain temperature. If the ambient temperature is too high, or air flow is poor, the device of heat can not spread out in time, will make the equipment trip due to overheating, and even burning. Such as residual current protective device in the electrical meter, when running at high temperatures it will seriously affect the service life of the product, and also affect not only stability and reliability but also the accuracy of measurement. The service life of reactive power compensation capacitor, fuse will be shorten under the high temperature operation.
3, the influence on conductor - high temperature and humidity will make metal material soften and mechanical strength will be significantly lower. Such as copper metal material, if its long-term working temperature exceeds 200 ℃, the mechanical strength decreased obviously. Aluminum metal material mechanical strength is closely related to the temperature and humidity, usually aluminum long-term working temperature should not exceed 90 ℃, short-term working temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.Temperature is too high, organic insulation aging will become fragile, insulation performance, and even breakdown.
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