Chocolate Needs Dehumidifier

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Chocolate Needs Dehumidifier

Post by Cassieyu » Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:20 am

Almost everyone love chocolate, especially female.
But do you know that in the process of chocolate manufacturing, it needs dehumidifier?
When making chocolate, if the temperature is too high with water vapor in the production workshop, which make workshop humidity too high, the molding of chocolate will be affected. Then maybe we can’t get chocolate with good quality.
Besides, in raw materials storage, processing and finished product storage and transportation process, the temperature and humidity control is necessary, For example, chocolate require 18 ℃, 50% RH, egg require 1℃, 85% ~ 90% RH, and nuts needs 7℃, 60% ~ 65% RH.
So, dehumidifier system is an important part of chocolate factory, I think Charlie also has dehumidifier in his chocolate factory.
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