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Problem with my Oil Furnace heater,...

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:31 am
by rakesh15
Problem about my
Oil heating furnace in my home, By “Carrier”,.. ( makes very loud explosive / fire-cracker kind of noises, inside and below the fire-chamber, where the housing of rotor wheel assembly . squirrel cage big wheel is there,......

I think, it could be,.. ( no idea ) out of the shaft, broken barrings, broken wheel, loose parts,...

Below ( link ) are the pictures of my Home’s Oil / Diesel heating furnace, situated in my basement,… roughly 15+ yrs old,…. Using

oil / diesel / no.2 oil,….

Specification of my Oil furnace ( please also see 15 pictures in a link, given below )

Carrier - Model 58HUO85101CA,
Serial -
Bonnet - 85.0000BTU
Furnace No - 731074
Models - DMR-10A, 0.76 GPH

Fuel injector Nozzle - 0.75, 80 degree, B

For last few days, due to the extreme heavy winter in east coast and running a little more,.. it has started making loud explosive kinda noises,….. ( as if, suppose,….you drop a toaster/microwave oven / big - hugh empty tin-can ,…..down the stairs and how loud noises, it makes,.. )

Burning unit is fine,...It starts very usual and normal,… ( I played with, reset button..on the motor as well as on unit many times watching all YT videos ) Starts very normal and smooth,…..with no problem,.. but after 2-3 minutes of sound running, it starts making noises like you drop a microwave down the stairs,… same kind of noises,… coming from big rotor wheel compartment,..

These sounds are not from the fan / elec. motor / pump which are outside ( when you take off the frontal cover ) . No valves are closed,… Furnace is just for house-heating (HVAC) and no water- heater work is attachéd to it,..

I am a simple house-hold person and not any technician or craftsman or handyman at all,.. I cant not afford hugh amounts for inspection nor can replace the furnace,…
Can do the tune-up myself at the best,.. I bought fuel injector nozzle,… fuel filter,… bleeding plastic tube,.. to do the prime,….

- Problem with my Oil Furnace heater,...

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:32 am
by rakesh15
Below are the pictures and specifications,.. of my this oil heat furnace,..

I have posted all pictures ( 15 pictures ) here, taken by my Cell.
*.*/utpal.yadav.12 ... 3137237035

It has these kind of construction as per this video… In the center is the Fan, right side the electric motor and Left side the Webster pump,…

I guess, I have defective blower wheel,..

I have taken the pictures and video of those, just now.

Photos - *.*/utpal.yadav.12 ... 3843868631

- Problem with my Oil Furnace heater,...

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:50 pm
by rakesh15
How can I post few pictures and videos to indicate my furnace and its problems? Thx

- Problem with my Oil Furnace heater,...

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:26 pm
by Freon
With the house up to the set temperature and the furnace off, at the thermostat set the FAN from AUTO to ON. As the fan runs do you hear the noises? If so, they could be the duct work flexing, usually the plenum chamber. Google the term "oil canning".

However if all is quiet then let us know.