Outside Compressor Unit

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Outside Compressor Unit

Post by bill18163 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:24 pm

My outside unit is a Trane XL14i. I just had the Trane service people here to find out why my AC would not work. Mice got into the outside unit and built a nest and a wire was knocked off what looked like a big capacitor. He cleaned everything up and put it back in service. No big deal. But here are my questions. The mice are getting insulation out of the cover over the compressor to make their nest. The cover is a red-orange color. The tech said he has seen compressors with the cover and some without. What is the insulation cover on the compressor for? Can I toss it? If not does anyone know how to keep the mice out of there?

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- Outside Compressor Unit

Post by Freon » Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:22 am

You can toss it. It's called a sound insulation blanket. It's to reduce the noise from the compressor. Take it off and see if it's too noisy.

If you want to keep it, buy mice bait pellets and put them in the condenser. Make something to keep the rain off. It's a PITA to remove the top fan. If the condenser is fenced so pets can't get to it, put the pellets next to the condenser. Again, you need something to keep the rain off the pellets.

You can also try and see where they're getting into the condenser. Possible thru the electrical compartment. Try plugging any holes with screening. I'd say use a can of Great Stuff spray foam insulation but you want to make sure there is air flow to keep things as cool as possible.

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