AC will not cool house below 76

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AC will not cool house below 76

Post by Bulldog455 » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:37 pm

So Im new to the Hvac world, I recently bought a new house its a mid century home with a slightly sloped roof, 3 bedroom 1590 sq feet. I had the home inspected unfortunately it was cold out when I bought the house and we could not check the a/c. my past experience with central air you could set the thermostat at 72 and the unit would cycle as needed...
With my new home, I can not get the a/c to cool the house more then 76 degrees... the unit just runs consistently. Like today for example it was 91degrees outside.. when I got home at 4pm the temp inside was 80 degrees.. I turned the system on and set thermostat at 78.. it is now - pm and the unit just now kicked off at 78 degrees...

here are the details of what I have done and what I know....
had a/c guy come out and check the Freon levels... They are fine!
changed thermostat to a Honeywell
checked the temp at the unit... 52 degrees
checked the temp at the register... 54 degrees (closes to unit}
check the temp at the return... 72 degrees (closes to unit)
changed filters
cleaned outside unit
removed blower and motor / cleaned
it just does not seem to be blowing very hard inside / in my past home the air blew out a lot harder then it does here
checked air ducts in crawl space to insure nothing came unhooked... they looked good.. have insulation around the pipes ect...
I have 2 registers in every room except kitchen and living room I have 3
I have 2 returns in the dinning room and 2 in the hallway
I have 6" air duct coming off the main duct
the house sits on a crawl space

I have a goodman a/c unit 2.5 ton was new in 2012
I have a payne furnace rate for 95000 btu with a 80% efficiency so should be putting out around 76000 btu's
the furnace itself is 14 years old... does it need replaced?
one more thing the furnace is in the 2 car garage does this make a difference?

Im really at a loss.. any help would be great...

Thanks if you need additional info please ask and I will get it for you

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