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Register Fan Opinion

Post by NCMau3839 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:21 pm

I have a 300 sq. ft. room located on opposite end of a 3 Ton package HP. This room has one 4 x 10 register outlet. Obviously for this size room it is not enough. Also this room is on a concrete slab. In order to prevent moisture buildup, I have been running a dehumidifier for several years which has been doing an adequate job. I am considering getting a 75 CMF register fan.
The velocity meter shows 600 ft/minute. Mind you, I don’t understand all I know about this, but if I am correct, the 4x10 outlet would translate to .277 sq.ft. x 600 * 166CFM. I love the concept of this fan because of the ease of installation, but would this register fan make a reasonable difference, or will I be wasting money?
This room it is not frequently used. I am not expecting a radical change in room temperature but maybe just enough to minimize the use of the humidifier.

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Post by Freon » Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:32 pm

More than likely the ducting to that room is the real problem (too small a diameter) and the fan will not make much difference. How about a simple electric space heater or electric baseboard?

If you want to try the fan, first tell us the length of the duct from the furnace to the supply register, the diameter/dimensions of the duck and how many 90 degree elbows are in the path. If the ducting is easily accessibly you might be able to improve the ducting and get more airflow without a fan.

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