Rudd UAND 048JAZ condenser unit doesn't run

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Rudd UAND 048JAZ condenser unit doesn't run

Post by i0am0jim » Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:00 pm

My Rudd outside condenser unit quit last night. The fan is operating fine. I've checked and there's 120v to each side of the compressor. I've tried to check the capacitor but my readings worry me. The compressor (herm) terminal reads up to about 22.5 and goes to no connection (meaning it has topped out I presume). The fan connection shows no action at all but the fan is running properly so this side of the capacitor must be good. This makes me worry about the compressor value. The capacitor is too difficult to remove to read the values on it unless I feel confident it's the problem.

Any ideas?

Oh yes, this is a 4 ton unit

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- Rudd UAND 048JAZ condenser unit doesn't run

Post by Freon » Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:49 pm

How old is the condenser?

Look at the capacitor carefully. Any bulges at the top or bottom? Any leaking oil?

With the disconnect pulled (no power to the condenser) look closely at the wires entering the compressor. Are they burnt or show signs of heat damage?

With the disconnect pulled check the contactor points to see if they're badly worn.

Does the condenser fan spin as it normally should or is it slower?

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