Second and third opinion of how system is performing

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Second and third opinion of how system is performing

Post by jmfinger » Sat May 27, 2017 4:05 pm

had my system checked out. have hopefully all the numbers.
Trane XB 13 4 ton condenser unit
Evap is a fixed orifice unit, dont know the orifice size. Not a TXV
This unit was origionally a R22 unit, but has been converted to Rs-44 R424A last summer.
about 50ft of copper between evap and cond.
unit running for about an hour around 3pm on sunny day in ok

If i missed any readings let me know and Ill check my notes. Again this is an RS44 unit with a fixed orifice. Wanting to know if the unit is operating like it should. Right now i dont have any issues with the house staying cool or dehumidifying.

outside air temp about 10ft from unit about 105 in the sun
humidity at same spot 30%
air temp going into cond at bottom 95
hum same spot 37%
air temp top of cond coming out 105
hum same spot 35%
liquid line 225psi
liquid line temp 92.6F
suct line 65psi
suct temp 57F
comp current 9.5 and 12.1 amps
total current 12.8 and 13 amps
voltage 119 240

inside air handler
return air 75F. Supply air at evap coil is about 55F.
air temp above evap averages about 60F
coil temp shot with a ir temp gun is about 55F at top down to about 48F at bottom. All lines are sweating all the way from top to bottom of evap and back to cond.
ambient temp around air handler and in attic is about 115
hum in same area in attic is about 45%
liquid line temp at top of evap 59F
liquid line pressure at top of eval at test port 70psi

Inside house temp about 75F
hum inside house 55%

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- Second and third opinion of how system is performing

Post by Freon » Mon May 29, 2017 10:11 am

I am not familiar with your new refrigerant and therefore don't know its nominal operating characteristics. However your 20 degree delta T at the air handler would make me happy as would a 75 degree house with an outdoor ambient of 105. May it keep working this well.

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