Goodman Furnace Leaking

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Goodman Furnace Leaking

Post by jlockwoo » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:21 pm

My Goodman high efficiency furnace is leaking water from inside. I took a picture of where it is leaking (the red arrow). The leak is underneath the rubber hose were the black plastic piece is screwed to the metal behind it. I did take the hose off to make sure it was not clogged. I am wondering if this is a job for me or should I call a HVAC guy?


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- Goodman Furnace Leaking

Post by Freon » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:56 am

Would you post the model number. Your task is to determine exactly where the water is coming from. It could be at the hose to black plastic connection or the connection of the black plastic to the metal frame. Not seeing your picture, I am flying on instruments in this reply.

If possible, get a rag and when the furnace has been running and generating condensate, wipe any water from the leak area. Then try and observe where you see water appear first. If it's at the hose to black plastic connection, check if there is a hose clamp. If not and the connection relies on a compression fitting (hose to plastic) either push the hose further onto the plastic or cut a small piece off the end of the hose and refit the hose to the plastic.

If the water appears where the black plastic attaches to the metal frame, you can try and GENTLY tighten the screws. Be very careful not to strip the threads. It is possible the metal has warped or the (assumed) gasket between the plastic and metal has problems. If that's the case an HVAC guy/girl may be advisable because they'd have the right parts.

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