Master Chiller with one compressor sufficient to cool ?

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Master Chiller with one compressor sufficient to cool ?

Post by ColimaDawg » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:42 am

My landlord just turned on our "AC" unit about a week ago. Despite this, my apartment stayed 75-78 degrees inside, even when temperatures outside ranged from 66-92. The average difference between outside temperature and inside temperature was 5 degrees (5 degrees cooler inside). However, at night it would actually get hotter inside than outside.

I told them that I was worried that it was not working, and they told me first that we had to wait for the water temperature in the "Master Chiller" to cool down, and then that the 2nd compressor wasn't working. But later they told me that the 2nd compressor would not be turned on until it reached 100 degrees or higher outside.

My apartment is on the lower level.

How can I convince my landlord that it is not working? How do I measure the temp in my vents? I feel that the air coming from the vents is not very cold at all, and also it is barely blowing. He says that is because when everyone needs AC at the same time there simply isn't enough to go around!

I complained again, and they sent their "AC" specialist in, who opened the intake and messed with the duct there and left saying it was 65 degrees in my apartment (it wasn't).

I went and got two room thermometers that keep track of the current temperature and the low and high. The coolest it has gotten inside my apartment is 71, the highest is 78. This is since the AC guy came and set my fan on high and the temp on 50.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and have problems with vision and leg functioning in hot temperatures, and I am very worried that if the AC can't cool the apartment now when it's not hot, how will it cool the apartment when it is 90 or 100 outside (which will begin in May and end in October here in Phoenix, Arizona).

Is a Master Chiller with one compressor sufficient to cool a 40-unit apartment complex in Arizona (it's a three story building, concrete block)?

Is it reasonable to expect to keep my apartment at 70-72 degrees?

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