Replacing cnt1634 control board with cnt3457

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Replacing cnt1634 control board with cnt3457

Postby cdpfly8984 » Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:16 pm

Just need someone who has replaced cnt1634 control board with a cnt3457 board and mounting kit 6839 to confirm. The reason it is not clear, the replacement kit instructions only has directions for cnt2216 board (tan Board). This is the first one cnt1634 I have replaced and want to be sure that all connections are right before turn on the furnace. This is a Trane furnace YCC024F1L0BC model. Recently installed control board on Trane single stage heat/cool furnace. All the wires are connected, to right place based on control board replacement kit. The only thing left is to confirm 4 wires going to blower and inducer. The old control board had L1,IDM, and INDUCER, INDUCER. On new board the labels are Blower L2, Blower SINGLE/HI, Inducer L2, Inducer SINGLE/HI. The 2nd inducer wire on the old board came from inside the unit. Anybody have prior experience switching out these two control boards?
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